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Optimal Delocalization for Generalized Wigner Matrices (with L. Benigni), submitted. (arXiv)

Eigenvector Statistics of Lévy Matrices (with A. Aggarwal and J. Marcinek), to appear in Annals of Probability. (arXiv)

Universality of the Least Singular Value for the Sum of Random Matrices (with Z. Che), submitted. (arXiv)

An Improved Lower Bound for Sparse Reconstruction from Subsampled Hadamard Matrices (with J. Błasiok, K. Luh, J. Marcinek, and S. Rao), FOCS 2019. (arXiv)

Tail Bounds for Gaps Between Eigenvalues of Sparse Random Matrices (with K. Luh), submitted. (arXiv)

Comparison Theorem for Some Extremal Eigenvalue Statistics (with B. Landon and J. Marcinek), Annals of Probability 48 (6), 2020. (arXiv)

Statistical Thresholds for Tensor PCA (with A. Jagannath and L. Miolane), Annals of Applied Probability 30 (4), 2020. (arXiv)

GOE Statistics for Lévy Matrices (with A. Aggarwal and H.-T. Yau), to appear in Journal of the European Mathematical Society. (arXiv)

Universality of the Least Singular Value for Sparse Random Matrices (with Z. Che), Electronic Journal of Probability 24, 2019. (journal) (arXiv)

Simplicial Abel–Jacobi Maps and Reciprocity Laws (with M. Kerr and J. Lewis, and an appendix by J.I. Burgos-Gil), Journal of Algebraic Geometry 27 (1), 2018. (journal) (arXiv)

Schatten-class Truncated Toeplitz Operators (with R. Rochberg), Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 144 (2), 2016. (journal) (arXiv)

Formulas for Odd Zeta Values and Powers of π (with M. Chamberland), Journal of Integer Sequences 14 (2), 2011. (journal)